4th October 2015.


My life doesn’t feel the same anymore. She’s uncomplete me. She’s leaving. Day by day, she’s gone further and further away. It hurts to think all the memories that we’ve been through together. If I could think about it, why she’s not? I’m broke. I can’t stop thinking about her in my every single day. She’s the one who completed me and now she’s gone. Eventhough I’ve try my best to forget her, It just not feel right. My heart won’t accept the fate that she’s not mine anymore. My heart collapse when she’s happy with another guy. I know that he’s perfect and much better than me but will he love you the way I do? Will he treat you the way I do? Will he do anything just to make you happy? If he does, he’s the best guy for you.

You’ve put me in the highest part of your heart once, and I’m praying that you’ll do the same someday. For me, this is not the end for us. This might be a short getaway for both of us or it might be the long one. You’re just need a time to be happy with others and you drag me into the same situation. To be ignore by you is not what I’m asking for but this is the fate and I’ve to accept the reality that you’re happy on the other side.

To be honest, I miss you. I miss every single words that came from your mouth. I miss your voice. I miss your laugh. I miss the way we talk to each other. I miss your tease. I miss everything about you. Will it be the same after this? This is the only way how I express my feelings towards you. I just don’t want to disturb your new life with my problems. Missing you badly.

Amira, please take a good care of yourself. I’m worried about you. I don’t want bad things happen to you. I’ll keep praying for you right here. I’ll make sure that you will always happy in your life. You are the greatest thing that ever encountered in my life and I won’t let anyone to take you away from me. I may be not be with you all the time but you are never out of my heart and my mind.

I miss you sweetheart,

Syahmi Ahmad.

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