8th October 2015.


It’s been 2 weeks after you left me. To be honest, I’m feelin lonely. You’re too far from me right now. You’re living in your new world. The world with no me anymore. It’s hard for me to adapt in this situation. Because of what? Because I’m still in love with you. I just can’t stop thinking about you in my mind. The situation became more complicated when I’m not the one in your heart anymore. I have to accept the fate that you’re not belong wih me and we’re not mean to be together.

I’ve decided to erased all your photos in my instagram account. Why did I do that? I’m trying to forget about you and every details about you. It’s even hard for me to live in this situation when you’re not in love with me anymore. You’ve got a guy who is better than me. You’ve love his eyes, eyebrows and without any doubt you might love him too. I don’t want to ruined your relationship and I know this the best for both of us.

Fyi, everything I do keep remind me of you. I just can’t stop thinking bout you. But I have to be strong. The past should be the past and you’re no longer mine. I miss the moment with you. I miss your voice. I miss your laugh and I even miss your tease. What should I do when I comeback to Selangor? I’ll feel that there’s something missing and for sure it will killing me inside. Don’t you remember, we were used to spend our time together even in  a short period? My life would never be the same without you.

 It is very hard to find someone like you but don’t you worries, my heart will always be yours. I hope you’re happy with him and I’ll keep prayin for you happiness InsyaAllah.

I miss you,

Syahmi Ahmad.

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